America’s Most Unique Utility

Serving the Northernmost Community in the United States

Barrow Utilities and Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BUECI) is a member-owned, non-profit multi-utility providing electric generation and distribution, natural gas distribution, water treatment and distribution, and wastewater collection and treatment.

Our utility cooperative was established in 1964, roughly ten years before construction began on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. We serve the Inupiat Eskimo village of Barrow, providing electricity, natural gas, water and sewer services to this community of approximately 4,500.

BUECI 's Central Office

After Hours call 907-852-3176
Photos courtesy of Jim Stettler.
Community Support

Barrow Utilities & Electric Cooperative, Inc. is  a strong supporter of the local community. Contributions are regularly made for academics, sports and cultural events, and honoring volunteers in our community. Our most significant annual donations are to community events such as Barrow’s annual 4th of July and Christmas Games events, as well as the New Year’s celebration fireworks display.   

Power and Water Treatment Plant
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Barrow Utilities and Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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